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81 Countries

Mothers' Union now has 4million members in 81 countries.
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Mosquito Net Game

We all know about Beetle drives, but have you thought about a ‘MOSQUITO’ drive for raising funds for the Worldwide Fund?
Have fun whilst raising money for a worthwhile cause. Wendy Sykes can supply a Mosquito net and information for your display. One branch has been successful already!
Click here to download an A4 mosquito game card
Click here to download two A5 mosquito game cards
Please contact Wendy, her phone number is in the diocesan mothers’ union handbook.
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Resource Boxes

Click here to download a list of resources available to be borrowed from our Worldwide Panel Chairman
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Visiting Mothers' Union Branches in Uganda

Some of you know that I have visited Uganda a number of times since 1997. These visits are mainly because Bryan and I have been involved with setting up Busoga University, which opened in February 1999. On our last visit in February this year, we were accompanied by our vicar, Revd.Libby Lane, our assistant priest, Revd. Caroline Holmes and for a few days her son Robert. During our visit we did many things, but of interest to you were two visits to Mothers' Union branches, 1 in Jinja, a town on Lake Victoria, and the other in the Bush, where after the meeting we had a meal with members.
It is good to have these links, especially after the pleasure of joining in branch meetings. Wendy Sykes, chair of the Diocesan World Wide committee has been in touch by email with Irene Ereemye, the leader of the rural group, and Irene with Wendy.
I am happy to speak at Branch meetings about my visits to Uganda.
Ann Goude.
St. Peter's Church, Hale.

Lesley Witton, Branch Leader at St James, Gatley, Cheadle Deanery writes:
I visited Uganda in 2007 and have been to the same church in Jinja and have met the Branch leader of the Mothers' Union there.
The photo shows our visit to Mama Jane's Orphanage in Jinja with members of St. Andrew's Church, Jinja
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