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As the year progresses we continue to cope with the different changes in our lives owing to the presence of Covid19. However, the changes are for the better as people of all ages are being vaccinated and restrictions in our lives are being eased and we gain more freedom to see our families and friends. I continue to be eternally grateful to you all for your determination to keep in contact by whatever means you are able to use so that people who are alone do not feel lonely.

As we approach the future, I sincerely hope that you can all start to meet again in your groups; continuing fellowship and the valuable work that you do reaching out to others at home and abroad. My own group are hoping to start meeting during September.

To hear good news is always a time to celebrate, which I did on your behalf on May 4 th in Chester cathedral. It was broadcast on Zoom also. The Rev Christine Broad invited me to be present as she was made a Honorary Canon of the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary at Chester by the Bishop of Chester and installed by the Dean during evensong. It was a very moving service.

On June 26 th the second celebration I attended was a very special event; the enthronement of the 41 st Bishop of Chester, The Revd Mark Tanner at Chester Cathedral.(left) Along with many others I read a short passage during the service. I believe there were 220 people present. It was pleasing to see the Bishop and his family at last. Although the congregation were wearing masks and had permission to hum, a small Cathedral choir lead the singing. A truly uplifting experience. I continue to attend Zoom meetings with the Provincial President June Houghton and the other Diocesan Presidents as well as Mary Sumner House Staff in order to pass important information on to you.

It has been a pleasure to send cards for important birthdays and anniversaries especially during this difficult year and I will continue to do so.

Finally, I await your good news of branches meeting again when possible to carry on the valuable work that you all do each year.

You will read later in this magazine about the need for new Trustees for the next triennium and I hope that you will think and pray on this call to action and join me on the Trustee board

I am looking forward to seeing you all again at our special services and in your groups as I begin my travels again around Chester Diocese.

With love and prayers always,