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A year ago, we were looking forward to the start of Spring, when we suddenly found ourselves facing a global pandemic and our daily lives put into lockdown.

Once again, a year later we find ourselves looking forward to seeing the Spring flowers the sun and longer evenings. We still have the Covid 19 virus with us, but the future is looking good, as some of the restrictions have been eased and we can at last celebrate by seeing our families and friends, as well as being able to attend church services again. The thought that being able to sing again and not having to just listen to the music will be fantastic.

I am eternally grateful to you all for your efforts keeping in contact with each other by telephone and different aspects of technology until you can all meet once again in your group meetings. I am looking forward to being able to come and visit many of you, which I have deeply missed so much.

We have much to celebrate with the announcement that our Mothers' Union Worldwide President, Sheran Harper, has been appointed a Member of the Order of Service of Guyana. She has also been awarded the Golden Arrow of Achievement for long and exceptional service to MU in the Anglican Diocese of Guyana and internationally. Sheran said the award was a fantastic recognition of the work of Mothers' Union in Guyana and around the world and was honoured to receive it. At Mothers’ Union, we are a global family, and this recognises the achievements of the movement as a whole, as well as individuals. We send our Congratulations to her.

On March 7th Bishop Mark led a virtual service in Chester Cathedral to celebrate the 14 years that Bishop Keith and Rosie had achieved in their commitment to the Church of England. We congratulate them and wish them well in their retirement.

This is the time of the year when elections take place for the new Triennium in 22-24. Many members I know will be stepping down after their time as leaders, many will be carrying on for which I will be delighted. If you have never held a position in your branch, deanery, or the diocese, why not 'have a go'! You will not be alone and there are people to ask if you are not sure about any aspect of MU work, especially the people who are stepping down.

The Elections are now taking place and it is important that the valuable work of Mothers’ Union continues. Please pray that members will not be afraid to consider a new role for the Triennium so we can go forward with much hope and confidence.

I sincerely wish by the time I write my next message to you in the Summer, that things have changed for the better. We are blessed to have the vaccine which is saving lives helping communities to be able to enjoy life before Covid 19.

Let me now share with you some words from a favourite hymn of mine which I find can be helpful when feeling sad or lonely.
"Christ be our light, shine in our hearts, shine in the darkness. Christ be our light, shine in your church gathered today"

Finally, let me thank you all for your support for what you are doing and what you will be doing in the near future as we follow our theme of "Rebuilding hope and confidence."

With my love and prayers