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What an amazing start to the new Triennium 2019-2021 - the arrival of our Worldwide President Sheran Harper with the Trustee board along with our new Provincial President June Houghton, not forgetting to mention the beautiful York Provincial banner and finally our new theme of 'Listen Observe Act - in Step with God'.

The new Diocesan Presidents, along with Bev Jullien our CEO, were delighted to meet Sheran and members of the Trustee Board at Mary Sumner House on February 26th prior to the Commissioning Service to be held in Southwark Cathedral later that evening. Sheran told us about her life and work abroad and in Britain and Ireland.

She continued by talking about her thoughts for the future. She began by saying "Mothers' Union rocks" with which we all agreed. She hopes to visit everyone in the next 3 years, looking at our Projects and inspire all our members to continue with our valuable work.

In the evening we attended the commissioning of Sheran and the new Global Trustees by Archbishop Justin Welby in Southwark Cathedral. As we entered the cathedral, we heard a calypso from a Nostalgia steel band, reflecting Sheran’s Guyanese roots.

Sheran thanked everyone who had travelled far and wide to the celebration, those who were unable to attend had sent their love and prayers which, she felt , had uplifted her. The atmosphere was enhanced by the lovely singing by the choir made it a truly time for celebration.

Archbishop Welby spoke of the' powerful source' that Mothers' Union is but what we really need to do is to shout about what we do.

The service for the Commissioning of the Chester Diocesan President, the Trustees, Deanery leaders and a Diocesan speaker, took place on Saturday March 9th in Chester Cathedral led by Bishop Peter. Another reason for Celebration. The procession of the new Provincial banner escorted by June Houghton our Provincial President with the Chester Diocesan banners and extra Norbury branch banner made a colourful procession. The bible readings and the poem added extra meaning to the service which from the comments received everyone enjoyed.

The Cathedral was filled with over 300 MU members who had travelled long distances to be there. It was a very special day for me, my family and friends and members of MU who attended, for which my sincere thanks to you all. The members and friends who were not able to be there sent me love and prayers for the very special occasion.

I am looking forward to visiting you all and working with you to carry on our valuable Project work, reaching out to others in our daily life. So, come on everyone, join with me and let's celebrate together shouting out about what we do as Archbishop Justine Welby suggested, aligning our steps with God as we grow in fellowship.

With my love and prayers for the future,